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Emilia Amper Band Kafé Sjöstugan.jpg

Emilia Amper Band

Emilia Amper - nyckelharpa & vocals
Lena Jonsson/Bridget Marsden/Erika Risinger - fiddle & vocals
Anders Löfberg/Klara Källström - cello & vocals
Fredrik Gille/Olle Linder/Dan Knagg - percussion & vocals

In Emilia Amper Band Emilia shines as an ensemble leader, composer, instrumentalist, singer and presenter, with a repertoire of Emilia's own compositions and newly arranged traditional Swedish folk music. accompanied by some well chosen and dear friends from the Swedish folk music scene. 

Emilia Amper, Erika Risinger, Anders Löfberg and Olle Linder
Emilia Amper Trio
the trio version...
Emilia Amper - nyckelharpa & vocals

Anders Löfberg - cello
Fredrik Gille/Olle Linder/Dan Knagg - percussion
Emilia Amper Trio bild Anders Dan.png


ODE is the magical meeting of three glimmering stars in the Swedish folk music sky: Olle Linder (mandola, 8 string guitar, percussion and vocals), Dan Knagg (percussion, vocals, guitar) and Emilia Amper (nyckelharpa and vocals). Their chemistry as persons and musicians is extraordinary and their captivating songs, contagious groove and charming stage presence makes audiences smile, cry and dance. Their repertoire is built solely on their own newly composed material, and their texts are inspired by things that concern here and now. The setting and sound is full of rhythmical influences from Sweden, West Africa, Latin America and the Middle East, from traditional music, contemporary folk and pop.

ODE's debut album "Och hela världen den log" was released in June 2013, and they have since toured in Sweden, Norway, the US, Belgium, Canada and France.​

ODE 5922 Foto Fredrik Gille.jpg

Openness, curiosity and artistic courage are the characteristics of musicians Anna Petrini and Emilia Amper. With different musical backgrounds but a fellow approach to music, Petrini and Amper created their duo in 2020 with a premiere concert at Katrina chamber music festival on Åland.

They set out on a slack line together without fully knowing where their musical journey of discovery will take them, and perhaps this is exactly what makes it so exciting. Through a kind of association game between the genres, they build their repertoire in search of what makes music survive, century after century.

Nordic folk music meets early music (1200-1700) from all corners of Europe. Folk songs are woven together with dances and songs and form new music. Own arrangements and new compositions make up their concert program.

Emilia Amper and Anna Petrini create an intimate concert experience where music is played by people for people.



Emilia Amper - nyckelharpas and vocals
Anna Petrini - recorders

E + A FINALS-1.jpg


Nadin Al Khalidi &

In this high-octane folk/world duo, Emilia Amper (SE) and Nadin Al Khalidi (SE/IQ/EG) meet in the deepest respect for each other as artists and human beings, with full focus on mesmerizing melodies, contagious grooves and spellbinding stories. Their repertoire is a mix of folk songs from Sweden, the Middle East and other parts of the world, paired with their own compositions.

Nadin Al Khalidi, originally from Iraq/Egypt, has during her 20+ years in Sweden become one of Sweden's most celebrated musicians. She tours world wide with her band Tarabband, who have also grown a great fan base in the Middle East, and she performs in school concerts, theatre projects and as a music radio host. She was awarded the title of Traditionbearer of the year at the Swedish Folk & World Music Awards in 2014.


The school/family concert Världens musik med Nadin och Emilia features a musical journey around the world, with songs in 6 languages performed on 7 instruments and voices, exploring how music is used to express universal human feelings and experiences. More info about the school/family concert here


Nadin Al Khalidi - vocals, algerian mandole, guitar, kopuz, daf

Emilia Amper - vocals, nyckelharpas

Emilia Amper


Garden of

Björn Meyer - artistic leader, electric bass and bass mandola

Emilia Amper - nyckelharpa

Reza Asgarzadeh - duduk

Kaspar Rast - percussion

Klaus Gesang - bass clarinet and soprano saxophone

Karin Streule - vocals

Veronika Stalder - vocals

Mohamed Sami - violin

Carlo Niederhauser - cello

It all started with a dream. In 2009 the exceptional harpist, composer and singer Asita Hamidi woke up with the irresistible sound of an indescribable ensemble in her ears. Together with Björn Meyer they set out to bring this sonic vision into the world.

With each attempt to describe and analyse the sound, it became increasingly obvious that it was not primarily a matter of which instruments are at play, but more a matter of specific musicians adding their unique personal voices to the blend.

For several years, Asita and Björn traveled regularly to Iran, Egypt and Sweden and met with master musicians in order to perfect the sound and develop a special kind of music that would bring together influences from the participants supposedly disparate cultural backgrounds into a unique sonic experience. Music that resonates and comes to life with extraordinary voices, bass mandola, violin, cello, percussion and traditional instruments like the Armenian duduk and the Swedish nyckelharpa.

This continuous exchange also resulted in deep personal friendships, which are as much a part of the repertoire as is the composed material. Music as a universal language, an unforgettable listening experience - intense and dynamic.

Garden of Silence was to become Asita’s last project. Just before the planned premiere in 2012 Asita left this world. A year later - as a tribute - unforgettable concerts were held in Bern and Teheran in 2013.

Since then Björn Meyer has continuously added new influences to Garden of Silence and further developed the repertoire. In December 2022, ten years after the original date, the complete work could finally be premiered at three concerts in Switzerland. A new beginning allowing this remarkable music to be heard in its unique instrumentation. The premiere met with extraordinary response and resulted in the immediate demand for a follow-up tour with four concerts in Switzerland February 2024.

Archaic music from who knows where!
Nordic traditions get weird in accordionist/composer Frode Haltli’s stripped-down successor to ‘Avant Folk’.

Accordionist and composer Frode Haltli follows up last year’s acclaimed Hubro release, ‘Avant Folk’, with a smaller-scale yet equally inspired album that is built once again on the combination of traditional Nordic folk forms with influences drawn from world music and contemporary composition/improvisation. In some ways, ‘Border Woods’ is both folkier and more ‘avant’ than its predecessor. The reduction in the size of the ensemble, from a dectet to a quartet, creates a corresponding increase in intensity, while Haltli frequently divides the unit further, using the two matched pairs of performers separately for a number of duo sequences. As the band expands and contracts in response to the demands of each tune, the music veers from cool, meditative explorations at the outer reaches of sound, to full-on pentatonic grooves and folk-rocky, foot-tapping jams.

Frode Haltli - accordeons

Emilia Amper - nyckelharpas

Håkon Stene - percussion

Eirik Raude - percussion

grenseskoge frode haltli photo .jpg

Frode Haltli's Grenseskogen/Border Woods

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